How Window Film Protects your Home

Gorgeous Sunset reflecting off the Window Film

The furniture in your home are precious possessions you take extra care for. They make your home functional, convenient, and beautiful. However, over a period of time, things inside your house fade and lose their vibrancy. Wood tiles, carpets, couches, and other fabrics are just some of the examples of furnishings that if not properly cared for will lose their value.

Three of the major contributors to the fading of your furniture are ultraviolet rays, visible sunlight, and solar heat; all of which can be prevented if you have protection from the direct heat of the sun. But what could be the best way to protect your most valued investments? Window tinting can be the perfect solution. They are very effective in filtering sunlight while allowing natural light to enter your home without damaging your valuables.

But how do window films protect your home furniture and possessions?

Window films block UV rays that are harmful to both your skin and furniture

Sunblock is a skin essential used to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Window films work like sunblock that protects the interior of your home from sun damage. If UV rays enter your home, it can cause fading to your expensive home furnishings. In addition, it may also harm your skin as too much exposure to UV rays can cause sun burn. Installing window films is a smart investment since 99% of the UV rays are blocked keeping your home cool, your furniture safe from fading, and your skin safe from sunburn.

You might argue that curtains and the application of protectants like furniture conditioner or varnish would be better options, but curtains do not allow natural light to enter your home compared to window films. Moreover, the chemicals used in those furniture protectants might have some bad effects to your health.

Window films protect your hardwood floors from fading

Hardwood floors are so elegant and they provide a high quality look for the entire house. But, when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, they will fade and become dull. This can be avoided by ensuring that sunlight can’t penetrate your home and what better way to do this than by installing window films. Floor replacements are very costly and protecting your floors through window tinting is way smarter than having to replace your entire house flooring eventually.

Window tints protect your television

One of the biggest investments in any home is the television. This is an appliance that provides entertainment, information, and news. Hence, protecting it from any possible damages is important. A television must always be placed away from direct sunlight. Direct exposure from the sun can cause potential damage to your TV such as fading and breaking of the pictures. With window films, your television will be safe and will last longer.

Window tints keep your home temperature cooler

Solar heat can easily enter your home if you do not make a way to block it. When solar heat reaches the interior of your home, it can cause serious damage to your belongings. Some if its adverse effects include discoloration, hardening, and cracking of leather furniture, fading of fabric furniture, and chipping of paint and artworks making the patterns less visible. To keep the air cool, you will be forced to use more energy. Window films can help not just in protecting your belongings from solar heat, but also reducing the energy consumption by keeping your home temperature cooler.

Window films might seem a big investment at first. But with all the benefits they can provide to your home, they surely are worth your investment. So take pride and joy in your home by protecting and extending the life of your investments with window films. Check out these guys for great information on all things window tint.